1st July 2007

The company announces the launch of its new website.

21st January 2007

Teehee launches Student Hosting Database.


Min System Requirements:

Windows PC with min 1 Gb

- Windows 7 or later versions
- Microsoft Office Pro 2010 or    later including MS Access 
- IE 8.0 or later
   Will NOT run on MAC OSX
    without additional software.

Student Hosting DataBase

The only  Hosting database designed specifically for Hosting Administrators.

Customised Microsoft Access Student Host Admin DatabaseAutomatically selects best Student to Host matches as you enter students data from application form.
Works at bed level
automatically showing occupied beds on a unique bed plan and prevents double booking mistakes, allowing hosts to have students from more than one school without causing upset to your planning and wasted calls.

The Student Hosting Database Easily books the Host families holidays and removes their beds temporarily from the active booking data so that beds are not available to be mis-allocated.
Temporarily remove hosts completely from active status and re-activate at the click of a mouse button.
Pre-prepared mail merge letters to single hosts, students or mail shot to all active hosts.
Bespoke design keeps permanent records of all students and dates of stays with each host and allows you to view complete record each time you go to a hosts data file.

Bespoke Microsoft Access Student Hosting Administration DatabaseSwitch instantly between all sections, i.e. Entering hosts, to allocating students a room, to booking their transport from the airport, preparing their invoice and sending out information letters to hosts all done seamlessly in Student Hosting Database with out changing programs or cluttering the computer with different applications to do all the jobs necessary.

You will be Pre-warned of student departure date (typicaly 9 days) to give time to arrange transport or invoices.

Host family pay run sorted and sent to the printer in just 5 seconds. Prints out office copy for file and individual detailed sheets for each host. No more counting ‘nights to be paid’, but unfortunately you still have to write out the cheques.

Unique Eight day Diary for Student Host database in Microsoft AccessUnique, Free, Eight Day Diary and task list built in so no reason to forget those important things you need to complete, or things to get from the shops on your way home, and no need to clutter the screen with other diary/task applications.

The basics can be easily taught to a stand-in staff member so that the Accommodation Coordinator can have time for the flu or even a holiday in summer.

The Student Hosting database hasNO Licensing Fees for multi-user set up nor yearly subscriptions.

Student Hosting Database Also available in Blue and Rose Themes.

Microsoft Access Student Hosting Database  Microsoft Access Hostin Database  Microsoft Access Student Hosting Database  Microsoft Access Host Database
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