10th November 2010

CeeDee DataBase converted and re-formatted for general building companies.

1st October 2010

Fitting Schedule added to CeeDee DataBase.

1st July 2007

The company announces the launch of its new website.

21st January 2007

Teehee launches Student Host Database.


TeeHee Software is the wholly owned property of :
Andy P Walker:
Wiltshire. England.
Tel: 44 (0)1225-781121

All TeeHee Software database solutions are based on Microsoft Access relational databases, SQL and Visual Basic customised to clients requirements.


Welcome to TeeHee Software the home of creative design for your everyday database problems for Schools, Colleges, Window/Conservatory companies and Solar Energy Co's.

Host Families, Schools, Colleges, Admin Software. At TeeHee Software we are dedicated to solving data display problems with functionality and ease of use.
Each bespoke database is built in response to someones desperate call for help.
Although many months of programing and consultation with clients, are spent creating a customised database that actually fulfills exacting requirements, the end product costs typically less than 40% of other customised database solutions and saves many hours of tedious spreadsheet building and patching.

TeeHee Software bespoke databases are not just storage spaces for data with report facilities, they are fully functioning applications that form part of everyday life within the clients workplace.
Ease of use and a dramatically short learning time are essential and TeeHee software databases are constructed and presented in such a wayStudent Hosting, Schools, Colleges, Admin Software. that a typical user will be able to fully understand and utilise all of its features in around five days making new or temporary staff training less of a problem than with other solutions.

Every TeeHee database solution is customised to the company, school or club with company data and graphic logos. Letter heads are created for letter merging from pre-reconstructed queries.
TeeHee Software staff offer training sessions at the clients workplace on their own computers to fully familiarise users with all functions of the application. We also populate their new customised database with existing data from spreadsheets or other database applications.

EFL Schools, Colleges Administration Software.Products include the well used and much appreciated Student Hosting database application for EFL or ESL student host family administrators that takes all of the hard work out of matching students to host families during their stay in England whilst learning English as a foreign language at schools and in company work places.
The TeeHee Software CeeDee database is designed especially for Double Glazing companies and controls quoting through customer orders to installation planning and servicing.
Solar CeeDee Database  The first administration database designed specificaly for the Solar Energy and Solar Heating Installation companies. Following the sucessfull CeeDee database for double glazing and conservatory companies, Solar CeeDee is easy to use and teach in the workplace and saves hours of tedious typing and filling. Customer folders keep copies of all important orders, survey sheets, photographs and copies of sales quotes. Solar CeeDee really is a breeze to use and will save you time and endless paper files.ESL Schools, Colleges.
TeeHee Software's Ezee Stock Control is an inexpensive but feature rich stock control database. Again no fuss but lots of functionality and most importantly, easy to learn and maintain. never be short of stock again with Ezee Stock Control.

Solar Database for Solar Energy and Solar Heating companies    Microsoft Access Customer Admin database for Double Glazing companies  Microsoft Access Customer order administration database for Double Glazing companies